The Functional Movement Screen – The Deep Squat

31 March 2017
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The Functional Movement Screen – The Deep Squat

The Deep Squat pattern is part of many functional movements. It demonstrates fully coordinated extremity mobility and core stability, with the hips and shoulder functioning in symmetrical positions. While full deep squatting is not often required in modern daily life, general exercise and sport moves, active individuals still require basic components of the deep squat.

Extremity mobility, postural control, pelvic and core stability are well represented in the deep squat movement pattern. The deep squat is a movement that challenges total body mechanics and neuromuscular control when performed properly. We use it to test bilateral, symmetrical, functional mobility and stability of the hips, knees and ankles.

The dowel held overhead calls on bilateral, symmetrical mobility and stability of the shoulders, scapular region and the thoracic spine. The pelvis and core must establish stability and control throughout the entire movement to achieve the full pattern.

Our team of medical experts are fully trained and certified in implementing the functional movement screen. If you want to improve your athletic performance in any way please contact us today.

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