Total Hip Replacement Rehabilitation Weeks 4-6

22 March 2017
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Total Hip Replacement Weeks 4-6

The first 4 weeks of  rehab after having a Total Hip Replacement emphasises on pain management, correct walking pattern and improving hip movement. Hopefully at this stage the artificial joint has started to feel less alien to you and become more and more part of your body. You should be able to move around more freely while experiencing reduced pain. You’re likely to rely less and less on your crutches, at this point you should have been mobilising on 1 crutch, and be weaning off to independently mobile. Bathing and dressing should be easier, and you should be able to go outside for longer walks. The home exercise programme should have become part of your daily routine. You will require fewer pain medication and the scar should be healing well. The goals from weeks 4-6 is to maintain hip movement below 90deg, while strengthening the leg muscles to increase stability.


So now, you can really push on with your hip rehab, especially with the movement and the often neglected hamstring muscles. Check out our video here looking at two key exercises. The first one is the ‘sit to stand’. Try 2 x 8, working up to 3 x 15 – this is a great way to build up your leg strength and control, and most of all it is more functional than the bed exercises. It will help you to wean off the 1 crutch.

The second exercise here focuses on strengthening the deep glute muscle which are the main stabilisers of the hip joint – an exercise called ‘the clam’. The first four weeks have a huge emphasis on avoiding lying on your side, but at this stage (with guidance of your physiotherapist) you should be safe to lie on the unaffected side. 2 x 10 is sufficient here, working up to 3 x 15 or you can use a resistance band for when this gets too easy.

If you’ve had a total hip replacement and are struggling with any aspect of it, and if you would like to book an appointment please contact us today.

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