5 Warning Signs of Frozen Shoulder

15 September 2016
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A common condition we see in the clinic, that is often misdiagnosed is adhesive capsulitis or frozen shoulder. It is a debilitating and very painful shoulder condition, but what are some of the warning signs of this condition?

  1. Gradual onset of shoulder pain from no apparent reason: Most of the time frozen shoulder comes on without having had any trauma. Pain is usually the first sign, and in some people if can be so severe that it radiates down the arm.
  2. Gradual loss of shoulder movement: In the first stages of it, the pain can cause people to overlook that their range of motion has slowly started to decrease, most times this will become very apparent upon examination.
  3. Pain at night: not necessarily worse pain at night, but noticeable pain during the nights
  4. Cannot lay on that shoulder: Usually apparent at night as well, the person is not able to put any body weight on that shoulder.
  5. Cannot make sudden movements: Moving the arm is a big challenge, especially with sudden movements, the pain becomes dramatically worse.

Frozen shoulder is very tricky, especially in the early stages, and it often gets misdiagnosed. It can be complicated further by diabetes and thyroid issues. The recovery time can be long, but there are things that can help. Think you may have frozen shoulder? Contact us today to get a thorough examination and see what options are available for you.


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