Best Supplements For Mental Health

22 July 2022
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Many common mental health issues can be exacerbated by nutritional deficiencies. We can perform better athletically with the right supplementation and we can help to improve our mental side with health supplements as well as with a healthy diet. Here are the best supplements to consider.

Fish oils 

Fish oils help with various mental issues from depression to cognitive decline. 

It is becoming more common for people to be prescribed diets high in fish or fish oil supplements to help them with their issues 

Although fish oils are not the cure they can certainly help to minimise existing symptoms and perhaps prevent future problems.

A recent study also looked at omega-3s and the effects of stress. Stress and the associated inflammation increase are not good for physical or mental health.

We can’t stop stress from happening, but fish oil does seem to reduce the negative effects of that stress.


It has been found that curcumin may help with depression. From both mild to higher levels of depression. 

Chronic inflammation has been shown to be linked to depression and cause other mental health issues. 

Curcumin helps keep high levels of inflammation down by stopping free radicals getting out of hand. 

You can’t eat enough turmeric from spicy food to get all the varied benefits of curcumin. So a small supplement from your local health food shop can help this.  


We’ve known for a while that magnesium deficiency is linked to depression, anxiety, and inflammation. 

An increase in Magnesium for your diet will help to control your internal body reactions which regulate your mood. If these are under control then it can correlate to less depressive episodes and dampen the feeling of anxiety. 

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