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9 May 2021
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If you suffer from stiff ankles or tight calves this blog post is for you.

The assumption to make when you have tight calves is to stretch the calves. However, to gain length in your calves it is often helpful to train the muscles at the front of your lower leg. This is because they are often weak in people who have chronically tight calves. This is because stretching causes a mechanical change in the muscles whereas strengthening causes a change in the way your body perceives length. 

What are the problems if you have poor ankle mobility?

  • Common for people to roll off the outside of their foot when walking.
  • Big toe bunions can form
  • If your ankles are tight when walking your calf is used more, therefore becomes tighter. 
  • Your body mass is more forwards when walking
  • Collapsing of your foot arch

So when you are at home instead of forcing your knee over your ankle to create mobility in your ankle, try to strengthen the front of your lower leg which will allow you to access more range of motion for the long term. This will be more long term because you won’t be relying on an external input but instead you will cause internal changes that should make more significant differences in muscle function.

How to do this?

Try this exercise called the moonwalk

Performance tips:

  • Come back onto your toes
  • As you lower your toes, bring your knee over the front of your toes
  • As you bring the knee forwards, lift up your toes

If you suffer from stiff ankles or tight calves and would like us to assess and treat you, then contact the clinic today on 0578678904, direct message us on Facebook or book now.

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