Golf: Post Round Recovery

2 July 2015
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Shane has worked with over 40 professional golfers on the PGA & European Tours over the past 9 years. These are his top tips for helping your post round recovery.

1. Hydration: Post round hydration is important for recovery. We recommend adding a pinch of pink himalayan crystal salts to water. Himalayan salts chemical composition is very similar to the bodies mineral which makes them easier to absorb in the gut.
2. Nutrition: A post snack or meal that includes protein is key to help speed up recovery from 18 holes. We recommend the Wyldsson ProMix Tubes (Hyperlink http://wyldsson.com/product/promix-trail-mix/) The Wyldsson products are used by number of top professionals golfers
3. Compression Socks: With the average run being around a 6 mile walk, the calf muscles are get tired. To help improve your recovery sleep with compression socks. This helps to helps reduce the chances of swelling in the lower legs and improve the blood flow to the heart.
4. Epsom Salt: Another way to replace the minerals lost during a golf round is to have a bath with epsom salts which includes magnesium and sulfate. These minerals are readily absorbed by the skin. The minerals can also help with muscle cramps and to reduce pain and inflammation.
5. Foam Roll & Stretch: To loosen out any tight muscles and joints we advised our golfers to foam roll and stretch post round for 15-20 mins. Try this foam rolling exercises on our YouTube channel.



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