Warming Up Like a Pro

19 November 2017
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Why Do a Golf Warm Up?

To prepare well for golf takes time and dedication. Our extensive experience with professional golfers on both the European & PGA Tours has shown us that nearly all professional golfers prepare for their round with a individualised warm up program and then hit the range before they play. This has a positive physical and mental impact on their ability to be ready to play and keeps them in a consistent routine.

This is not the case for a majority of the amateurs we see at the clinic, below is a sample 5 minute golf warm up you can do before you play, there are no bands or weights required for the routine. Warming up will help prepare your body to play and help to reduce injuries in the long term.



If you are suffering from a golf related injury including back pain, tennis elbow, plantar fasciitis or sciatica then contact us today to book a consultation.


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