Holiday Stress Relief

24 December 2019
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Holidays are just around the corner, a lot of us can feel overwhelmed by the number of things left to do on the famous “to-do list” we give ourselves. How can one get everything done and not be completely overwhelmed by stress or physical exhaustion?

Here are a couple of easy tips to help you through the holiday season:

Make sure you get enough sleep before, during and after this holiday season. Sleep is very important, it is the time your body uses to regenerate itself.

Make sure to drink plenty of water during your holidays! Especially if your holiday’s meals come or are followed by any alcoholic beverages. Alcohol can very quickly get you dehydrated, so if you know it’s coming, grab an extra cup of water for yourself.

Stretch & Exercises:
Staying active during the holidays doesn’t have to be hard or time consuming: a walk after a meal, going on a hike (make sure to bring enough layers with you to stay warm), or even having a little stretching session in the morning and/ or evenings. Any of these can do the trick and help you feel better throughout the holidays.

And Breath:
Yes, something as simple as breathing can help you manage your stress. Taking a couple of minutes a day to take some deep breaths in through your nose, letting your belly expand, and breathing out through your mouth letting everything relax. This will help you regenerate yourself and be more present, in a better mood, and overall less stressed.

The BIRTHFIT video below demonstrates how to perform diaphragmatic breathing, an exercise that only takes 2 minutes of your day and could really help you during and even after this holiday season:

Wishing you all the best from the Lawlor Clinic for this holiday season and 2020!

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