How Strong are your Feet?

28 June 2017
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How strong do you think your feet are?

Our feet play an essential role in how we transfer our body weight when we move, provide vital information to our brains for position awareness and sometimes are even called upon to help out our weak cores.  We need to look after them and have them strong enough to meet these many demands. Modern foot wear, orthotics and lack of time walking around bare foot all contribute to weak intrinsic foot muscles and it is these which we need to strengthen.

Try the following movements shown in the video below to see how strong your feet are

1. Foot Crawl
2. Big Toe Up while keeping other 4 down
3. 4 Toes Up keeping big toe down
4. Toe Pianos
5. Toe Spreads


“In order to master it you need to practice it”

Start with doing any weak or difficult movements everyday for 1 minute

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