Cranial Work

At Lawlor Junior we pride ourselves on bringing you the very best in postnatal care; with Cranial Work being a great example.

About Cranial Work

The bones of the skull are placed under immense strain during child birth and sometimes can result in mild misalignments of the baby’s fragile bones themselves.

In turn their nervous system and joints of the neck can become irritated, affecting how they can suck when feeding. It can also contribute to odd shaped skulls, a condition known as Plagiocephaly, colicky symptoms and generally an unhappy restless baby.

In Lawlor Junior we adopt a gentle non-invasive approach to adjusting these mild skull distortions which can help improve these symptoms and help your child achieve better general health.

Cranial Work

What Next? Meet With One Our Specialists

If however you are still unsure if Cranial Work is right for you and your child, why not call our friendly clinic advisor and set up an appointment to discuss your needs in more detail on: 057 867 8904 or send us a quick message here
Please Note: Many of our therapies are covered by the main Irish private health insurers, and you can also see us via a referral from you G.P – so please do ask

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