GAA Injuries at Lawlor Elite

At the Lawlor Clinic we offer specialised Assessment, Diagnosis and Treatment of GAA related injuries. The GAA athlete begins participation in their sport from a very young age and can encounter aches and pains at any stage. We are here to accommodate you and help you perform to your best.

Getting You from Sidelines to the Pitch

We are committed to getting our GAA athletes back on the pitch as quickly as possible. The team incorporates the tried and tested techniques used by some of the world’s most successful sportspeople and has been designed with the specialised needs of the Gaelic player in mind.

Sore Back
GAA Injuries

Common GAA Related Injuries that We Treat

  • Groin Pain
  • Sciatica
  • Hamstring Injuries
  • Back Pain
  • Ankle Sprains
  • Hip Pain
  • Gilmore’s Groin
  • Disc Herniation
  • Patella Tendonitis
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Cruciate Ligament
  • Post Surgical Care


At the Lawlor Clinic we provide Active Release Techniques (ART®) which is a patented hands on soft tissue treatment that allows us to locate and break up scar tissue following injury.

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Chiropractic specialises in the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of conditions caused by dysfunction of joints and their effects on the nervous system which can lead to significant pain.

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The use of stainless steel instruments allows our team to target and break down scar tissue, fascial tighness and muscle adhesions, which are so often the cause of pain and dysfunction.

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Injury Prevention

Is it just enough to be pain free? We want all of our clients at Lawlor Elite to move smarter and perform better.

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Rehabilitation, Fitness & Perforamance

At the Lawlor Clinic we have expert knowledge in the rehabilitation and performance care of GAA players. This includes:

  • Injury Prevention
  • Comprehensive Post Surgical and injury Rehabilitation
  • Improving your Performance

We are partnered with the top Strength and Conditioning coaches in the country to help with:

  • GAA Specific Programmes tailored to the Individual
  • Periodisation and Performance Planning
  • Nutrition and Recovery Protocols
  • Long Term Athlete Development
GAA Injury Rehabilitation
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What To Do Next – Find Out How We Can Help You?

Our unique approach combined with results-driven GAA specific assessment and treatment methods means one thing: your quickest path to pain-free recovery. Our clients include inter county and club players so that you can have complete confidence in the services we offer.

Why not call one of expert team and set up an appointment to discuss your needs in more detail on: 057 867 8904 or send us a quick message here

Many of our therapies are covered by all the Major Private Health Insurers, GAA Injury Scheme, Garda Medical Aid.

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