Pelvis Pain During Pregnancy

Low back pain is common during pregnancy, but one less talked about area of pain during pregnancy is the front of the pelvis. The pubis symphysis is where the two halves of the pelvis come together in the front. During and even after pregnancy it can be a major source of pain for women.

What causes pubis symphysis pain?

Pain here is typically caused by an irritation to the joint somehow. During pregnancy, with the maternal hormones kicking in, it causes laxity or looseness in the joints.

When the joints are looser than normal it can cause extra pressure on the joints as they are trying to stabilize. This laxity can also cause the joint to shift, either up and down or forward to back slightly, this can also cause pain.

The pelvis is connected at the front by the pubis symphysis and at the back at the sacroiliac joints (SI joints). When there is a problem at the SI joints, because the pelvis is connected, it can cause irritation at the front of the pelvis as well.

pelvis pain
Ease Pelvic Pain

How to ease pelvic pain?

When you come into the clinic, a full evaluation will be done to figure out what is the source of the pain you are having. Manipulation and/or mobilisation to the pelvis to help correct misalignments can be helpful, but also working on the muscles and ligaments of the pelvis.

Certain exercises can be beneficial as well to help stabilize the pelvis after the manipulation. It is easy for people to not seek help when in pain, especially during pregnancy; because they think there is nothing that can be done!

Let’s Make Your Pregnancy As Pain Free As Possible

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