Sitting Is The New Smoking

13 May 2016
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Aimee had a great time last night at the Portlaoise Leisure center last night, May 12th, 2016, sharing their presentation “Sitting Is The New Smoking”.


Sitting is the New Smoking


For those of you who couldn’t attend, here is a little recap of the evening.


-Sitting is the new Smoking is a phrase coined by Dr. James Levine, an American endocrinologist. He says, ” Sitting is more dangerous than smoking, kills more people than HIV, and is more treacherous than parachuting. We are sitting ourselves to death.”

-Being sedentary increases our risk of, repetitive strain injuries, obesity, cardiovascular disease, blood clots, and strokes

– One hour of sitting watching TV = 28 minutes of life lost. One cigarette = 11 minutes of life lost.

– Our tips for reducing your risk: Get routines for getting moving, Get your co-workers/friends involved, Get proper equipment, Get moving while you are seated, Reconsider your transportation

– Having a 1-2 hour workout does not offset the negative effects of sitting for 8+ hours a day.

– Lots of small movements throughout the day and being sedentary less than 6 hours a day are what we should aim towards to reduce our risks.


Hope to see you all out at our next health talk!


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