Tennis Elbow – What To Do

11 July 2022
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Have you ever had pain in the elbow or forearm? This blog will cover Tennis Elbow. A common problem faced by many during day to day life and people performing at various sports. 

Tennis Elbow has a bad reputation and one that is commonly feared by people and can affect people to where they do not think anything can be done for it. But this blog is to help show you that you can get through it and to not let it have an effect on your day to day life. 

Tennis Elbow is pain on the outer side of the elbow named so because tennis players use those muscles often and so commonly develop the condition.  

The reasons Tennis Elbow worries a lot are many, but mainly of which is the difficulty in treating this very preventable problem. 

In most cases, treating a muscle that is inflamed and painful is a matter of unloading the tissues. That gets difficult with the elbow because we use our hands all the time. 

Also, we often think of treating tennis elbow as a musculature issue, when in reality it’s an insertion issue. Meaning that the muscles are inserting onto the bone. Tennis elbow and its close companion in Golfers Elbow, which is where the same pain affects the inside of the elbow where the tendons of our forearm connect to the bone in our elbow.

In clinic we first work out where your pain is coming from and secondly what is driving that pain in the first place. 

Then we use 3 stages to have an effect on your injury. 

Firstly we want to lower the pain you are in. This is done by desensitising your tissue to cause relief to the area and improve the function in your arm so you can get back to doing the activities you want to do. 

Secondly we want to create a long term change to the injured tissue by taking the tissue to the full range of motion it can have and build conditioning in it. This means you can do more things with your elbow at a higher intensity without increasing your pain. 

Finally it is important to then prevent the cause of the pain. This means we can continually move the muscle to the end range of movement without causing pain. 

The cause of Tennis Elbow is primiarily an issue with the small space in your elbow that then has swelling develop. So decreasing pain involves reducing the tension in that area so your tissues can move freely in it. 

In the clinic we use a variety of techniques for this including: Active Release Techniques, Chiropractic Manipulation, Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Massage, Dry Needling, Laser Therapy and Soft tissue massage. 

Other tissues that affect tennis elbow include the forearm, rotator cuff, and scapula, so we include these in the treatment of tennis elbow.

If you would like a full functional assessment and find out what is causing your elbow pain, then contact the clinic today on 0578678904, direct message us on Facebook or book now.

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