The Big Toe & Golf

4 March 2018
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The foot and ankle are often overlooked in golf when you consider the average round of golf will equate to about 10km of walking depending on how wayward your shots are.

One of the most important components of the foot is the big toe because of the impact it can have on your swing and walking during your round.

The right big toe is needed to load the right knee, quadriceps, and hip during the back swing and is also essential at impact through to follow through.


Signs of Big Toe Dysfunction:

  • Loss of Posture
  • Sway in golf swing
  • Limited follow through
  • Pain on walking


Hallux Rigidus:

One of the most common conditions we see in the clinic is hallux rigidus, where there is moderate to severe stiffness of the big toe. We use joint mobilisation, active release techniques (ART®) and functional integrated dry needling to improve the mobility of the joint. To help increase the joint range of motion and bring longer term results we give patients exercises based on functional range conditioning (FRC®)



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