Tips to De-Stress This Holiday Season

22 December 2014
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With the holiday season in full swing its easy to get caught up in the “madness” of the season. And for many, this time of year seems to be more stressful than joyful. We’re here to give you a few tips to help you have a healthy happy holiday season!

Maintaining a routine is a key element in reducing stress. And it can be very difficult this time of year with parties to attend to, visitors from out of town, and dinners to cook. But if you keep some sense of “normalcy” in your daily tasks it can help take some of the pressure off. These include:

  • Rest– getting enough sleep is vital to how you will feel during the day. Do you ever get that “on edge” feeling when you haven’t slept enough? You will be more likely to lash out at people and feel more tense in general. Best rule, listen to your body, and take time to rest and slow down if you need it. Recruit others to help you get your tasks done.
  • Exercise– if you have been exercising, KEEP IT UP!! Don’t let a few visitors stop you from going on your daily run or walk. If you haven’t been exercising, today is a good day to start! Getting some activity is a great way to help manage stress levels, exercising also releases “feel-good” hormones into the body. Take your stress out on the gym, not on everyone else!
  • Food– this one is tough. During the season of excess, how do you maintain your n
  • ormal diet? With buns and pies everywhere it’s hard to resist, especially when you are not at your own home. Definitely enjoy having food that is out of the normal for you, but resist the temptation to overindulge. Plus, there are many ways to modify recipes to make them healthier choices that are just as tasty.

Stress wreaks havoc on the body and mind. Do what you need to do to calm down from that state: exercise, meditation, yoga, drawing, spending a few minutes alone. Maintaining a normal routine it can help take the stress of the unknown out of the equation. Remember what this season is all about, and enjoy it, because before you know it, it will be over!

We wish you a very Happy Healthy Holiday Season!


Yours in Health,
The Lawlor Clinic, Portlaoise

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