What is Functional Range Conditioning (FRC®)?

19 June 2017
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Functional Range Conditioning FRC®

FRC® is a comprehensive joint training system backed by science and research.
Whether you are experiencing joint/ muscle tightness or not, the FRC® approach will help you achieve increased mobility while also aiding to reduce inflammation and pain.

It utilises various types of exercises for example Controlled Articulated Rotations (CARs) to promote joint health, mobility and control, and Pails and Rails which uses isometric holds to strengthen the target joints.

3 main goals of FRC®

  • Joint Mobility
  • Joint Strength
  • Body Control

What is FRC® used for?

  • Mobility training
  • Joint health and maintenance
  • Joint strength
  • Rehabilitation
  • Performance enhancement

The Functional Range Conditioning concepts can be used on clients of all ages and all abilities and has proved to be highly successively with patients of the Lawlor Clinic.


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