Why you need to stay active over lockdown

21 February 2021
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During the current climate it may be difficult to find the motivation to train with no gyms or sports clubs open for business. However, regular physical exercise can still be done which will have significant benefits for your health and will get your body prepared for when sport starts up again.

Evidence shows that the benefits of physical activity and training in the senior population continue to grow. These benefits include that people have fewer falls with injury, improved muscular strength and endurance, a decreased incidence of coronary artery disease, and a lower risk of cardiovascular related mortality. 

Senior athletes can enjoy participating in a variety of athletic or sport related activities including running, walking, swimming, golfing, lifting weights, cycling and tennis. 

Based on the activity you are training for, the training regimen should be specifically designed to produce both metabolic and physical adaptations aimed to improve health and performance.

The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) recommends the following training guidelines for senior athletes:

•Train 3-5 days per week

•20 to 60 minutes of continuous or intermittent aerobic activity

•Any activity that engages the large muscle groups like walking, jogging, running, cycling, rowing, stair climbing.

•Perform resistance training: One set of 10-15 repetitions for major muscle groups, two to three days per week 

•Perform flexibility training: stretch major muscle groups at least four times each for a minimum of two to three days per week 

If you need help with planning a physical activity routine or have any pains when exercising feel free to contact the clinic today on 0578678904 or book now.

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